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We'd Have a Great Relationship, If It Weren't For You

“We’d Have a Great Relationship if it Weren’t for You” – The Workshop


Whether you’re together one year or thirty years, have you ever found yourself thinking, “We’d have a great relationship if…” You weren’t so defensive and didn’t need to be right

  • You were more committed to our relationship
  • You would give me what I need
  • You  knew how to communicate
  • You would just do it my way

… Then this workshop is for you! 

Bruce and Marla will help you:

  • Really know/understand your partner; have a clear picture of your relationship
  • Develop the tools you need to have a deeper, more intimate relationship
  • Discover how to make real agreements that stand up over time
  • Communicate positively and effectively without judgment or blame
  • Shift into win/win relationship thinking

This workshop is perfect for:

Couples and individuals in a committed relationship who are ready to unlock the key steps to feeling inspired and fulfilled.

Bruce and Marla will teach you in this interactive workshop the how-to’s of creating a solid relationship as well as reveal how they make their marriage work using these very techniques. Take home the ideas, tools, and actual experiences of an intimate couple so you can one day say, “We have a great relationship because of us!” 

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Our rave reviews:  “No one teaches this!”  “Wish we knew this from the beginning.” “Grateful for the tools you provided us!”  “Excellent foundation to build from.”  “I can now see things from a different perspective.”

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