“Dr. Derman is passionate about the work he does as a psychotherapist. With an approach that is both eclectic and individualized, he has helped me greatly to understand how my thoughts and behaviors influence each days challenges. His focus and incredible intuitiveness has helped me develop greater self-awareness and the skills to make positive changes.”


“I am learning to live my full power in my relationships and career with the therapeutic guidance of Dr. Bruce Derman. Working with Bruce is exhilarating and challenging. He cuts through the murky self-delusions and demands clarity, ownership and authenticity. I am learning to acknowledge and embrace the parts within me that I most fear with more grace, tolerance and compassion. I am learning to own my reaction, to sit with my pain, to “surrender” to feeling powerless. I am now living a life more emotionally conscious and connected.”

“Dr. Bruce Derman is the most extraordinary therapist I have ever worked with. He was instrumental in helping me take responsibility for my life, uncover and discard limiting beliefs and transform destructive behaviors that kept me trapped inside of alcoholism. I have been sober over 11 years now and cannot imagine what I would have done without his support. Dr. Derman is also an expert in dealing with relationships of all kinds and has helped me tremendously over the years with family issues and relationship struggles. If you are serious about changing your life Dr. Derman can shine a light on the path to self-discovery, integrity and healing.”

“I have had the honor of working with Dr. Derman over the past few years. He has truly become a mentor to me and has made a significantly positive impact in my life. Dr. D gets right to the heart of the issues and works with his clients to identify ways to move forward with their lives. He challenges me to look at things in a simple manner and take away the complexity that clutters my vision. Dr. D provides growth in every session and really empowers his clients to take action with their lives, decisions and experiences. Dr. D is one of the key people in my life that helped me get through some of the toughest times (divorce, death, job changes, etc.). Most importantly, he has helped me reestablish and grow my confidence. Thank you always Dr. Derman!”

“My wife and are both psychologists, and so when it came time to find a couple’s therapist for the two of us in our own marriage, we needed to find someone very good. Dr. Derman was more than capable of meeting our ver discerning needs, in a manner that was gentle and non-threatening, yet effective. Dr. Derman has a very keen ability to get right to the heart of things, without becoming caught up in the superficial issues/details that often distract therapists and their clients when working on complex processes. Not only does he quickly get to what matters most, but he does so in a way that leaves both of us feeling heard and understood. It is obvious that Dr. Derman has great experience seeing countless couples with endless differences/problems. Right from the start he asks if you are committed to working on the “WE” within the relationship, and if you are then he too will work tirelessly to help re-create the intimacy that has been lost over time for whatever reason. no problem is too taboo or uncomfortable for Dr. Derman to explore with great skill, We highly recommend Dr. Derman for whatever issues you are facing in your own relationship.”

“I was referred to Doctor Bruce Derman by a friend who had been through her own major “life adjustment”. I was at my wits end with my marriage, my actions, reactions, emotions and such. I perceived no path that was fulfilling in my marriage but I wanted a deep connection with my husband. I had exhausted my ability to ask for and demand connection with my husband over years and had been down the path of a major extra marital affair. After 5 years of struggle, suffering, guilt and also feeling I deserved to be happy, I came to Doctor Derman. I have sought therapy many times before at various times in my life but have never quite found a therapist with the capacity and skill that Doctor Derman offers. Doctor Derman can hold space for any emotion and bring it to clarity with keen sharpness complemented with compassion. Not only does he name and clarify what it was that I was experiencing, he provided a path to either exploring fully or scripted a specific set of questions or ideas to explore on my own and with my husband. I was finally expressing my truth. My husband was aware that I was seeing Dr. Derman and became willing to be a part of this healing process. Dr. Derman supported us fully as we were manifesting so many very difficult emotions. With much fear and trepidation we worked through the process with his skilled support. There is no whining or meandering through the usual layered stories seeking approval or support from Dr. Derman. The session is about figuring out what behaviors or communications or feelings are standing in the way of healing and putting in place actions and communications to support the goal. Dr. Derman was also excellent in navigating the difficulty of seeing both my spouse and I separately as well as a couple. He minded the boundaries carefully providing support for each of our agendas while helping us each to clearly express our needs to each other. He provided us with a real path to healing from what most people might run fast the other direction. He helped us to be our own best advocates for ourselves as the couple that so desperately needed our focus. Dr. Derman has rare skills in this profession where an individual or couple could conceivably spend years stuck, he is able to bring about positive change in a swift and manageable way. His books are cornerstones to his practice and are useful throughout the “getting to know you” process as well as the movies and articles he suggests so that the client has a working vocabulary for focus in the sessions.”

“Since I started seeing Dr.Bruce Derman,it is hard to believe that my life has improved as much as it has. I have been seeing Dr.Bruce Derman for around a year and a half. My marriage was a “burn out” “My job was a ‘burn out” “My kids were distant” I was stuck and had become so unplugged that i was in like a fog. I was there, but I wasn’t there. I had no substance, and mostly pontificated about how things should be. As a result of my hard work with Dr. Bruce Derman and his expert care, and feel good about saying this because i have been to so many therapists. I have stopped smoking, stopped drinking excessive coffee, stopped only dreaming about the life i could have and actually started living it. I’m engaged in my relationships now and I am intimate. I have learned how to be okay without hiding from the things that are painful. I feel i got where i am now only as a result of the therapy with him. You can look at my past and easily see that without the care i received from Dr.bruce my life would have been one that I just watched pass me by without living. I am eternally grateful.”

Michael Raskin A.K.A FLASH