Sex Therapist Los Angeles

While you may find many sex therapists who deal with a range of sexual issues from sexual disinterest to impotency, non- orgasmic, and premature ejaculation, none of them approach sex in a totally non- judgmental way.

I say that because I regard all sexual expressions as valid in their own right and support the people I work with to respect all the sexual aspects of themselves. In my sexual therapy approach I change the definition of the two most prominent parts of sex; intercourse and orgasm.

Thus, I define sex as any energy that occurs between two people including fear, awkwardness, lack of interest, anger or any other human emotion or behavior with no exception. In this way the sexual bed expands and is not limited by the typical narrow definition of sex as merely physical intercourse.

Couples using this approach always have something to offer sexually, so the expression “ I don’t feel sexual tonight “ doesn’t exist. In addition, I define orgasm as a 100 % of anything, which further supports my definition of sex. I only ask my couples to show up in bed with whatever they have to offer and express it with passion.

The freedom and acceptance contained within my philosophy helps couples break through their sexual stalemates and blocks, and provide them with much more sexual possibilities and a whole new way to think about sex.