Mediation Services

Divorce Mediation and Divorce Coaching

“Divorce with dignity”  reflects my credo in assiting couples move through the divorce process. By applying divorce models uniquely designed for the moderate to high conflict couple, I am able to minimize the negative impact to the entire family. I am trained in divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, child custody and divorce coaching and I have helped many divorcing couples unhook themselves from the emotional turmoil of the adversarial divorce game so that they can end their marriages in a meaningful and respectful way.

In many cases i work with female coaches which allows both voices of the couple to be fully represented, and each of us serve as buffers for the intensity and hostility that common in divorce. Usinga gender balanced team helps to create bridges so that the partners can move past the impassses and emotional agendas. one of my ccoaches is Renee Leff who is a marriage and family therapist as well as an attorney. 

Child Custody Mediation

Many couples find going through a child custody evaluation to be extremely anxiety provoking, biased, and to be depowering process, but feel they have no other choice. Working with a male -female mediation team offers an alternative where the parents retain their individual voices and power in a much more unbised custody process in which both people win.

Our goal is to reduce the chaos within divorcing families by creating an intelligent workable agreement .that is the best interests of the children and being an effective patent. The team will also address any power imbalances and negative patterns, so that the agreement will hold up ove time. The team will mediate until a custody agreement is worked out that satisfies both parties. In this way aprents can avoid a long drawn out costly court process where decisions will be arbitrarily imposed. 

Parenting Coordinator

Parents who are going through a high conflict divorce typically experience enormous difficulty in trying to deal with the many decisions involved in custody arrangements and agreements. This often leads to resentment, arguments, polarizations, and impasses in which the children become the main victims. As a result, the children go through enormous pain, alienation, and insecurity. These high conflict situations require a professional who can serve as a neutral bridge between the parties and who is not only skilled in parenting issues, but also very familiar with the dynamics of the high conflict divorce process.

I am a licensed clinical Psychologist with over forty years experience and i specialize in dealing with divorcng couples. for the last fifteen years my focus has as a mediator, divorce coach, child custody mediator, expert witness, divorce therapist, while also working with other professionals using a collaborative divorce model. I specialize in high conflcit divorces and have written articles on my high conflict divorce mode and The Eight Ways to Know If You Are Ready to Divorce., My training includes extensive work in mediation and collaborative divorce, child custody evaluation, and parenting cordinator workshops. Within my divorce coaching model, I guide partners to be aikido divorce warriors, so that they don’t hook intot he chaos that is prevalent in these intense divorce situations. In additions, All of these skils along with my strong, direct personality provide me the resources to address the numerous challenges of helping divorcing couples to deal with parenting issues at this difficu;t time. this approach attempts to halt any further damage to the children and introduces the parents in communicating in a respectful non defensive style.

The assignment of a Parenting Corrdinator in a divorce case is a quasi judicial position that requires a stipulation with the court that adds significant leverage to this role. It is especially recommended for divorcing couples who are unable to co-parent or do parallel parenting on their own without extensive conflict in the family.

If you are working with couples in a legal or therapeutic capacity and would like a parenting coordinator to assist with the work, I would be glad to discuss my services with you.

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