Group Therapy For Couples Los Angeles

The biggest problem that couples have in their relationship is what We call The Difference Game, in which each partner within the couples group,uses a variety of issues such as children, money, sex, and respect,  to prove that they are better or less than the other.

By working with a small number of couples , five or six, in the couples therapy format, there is an opportunity to expose this comparison attitude and agenda, as well as being able to see this common pattern played out in the behavior of others. It also allows the couples group members with the assistance of the two leaders to help each couple move beyond this disconnecting behavior and discover the sameness that exists beneath the surface conflict.

Only by finding the sameness and equality that exists in every relationship can each couple discover their real intimacy. In this approach, based on my book, the focus moves from blaming and fixing their partners, to fixing the relationship itself. Each session lasts for two hours and we ask for a three month commitment..