Eating Disorder Treatment Los Angeles

Issues around obesity, anorexia, and bulimia are difficult addictions to deal with because food is not something that we can live without being that it is an essential part of our life. Typically people will themselves to lose weight or stop their behavior for periods of time, only to see the patterns return time and again.

I have a deep passion and appreciation for the dilemmas and power of the eating issues that are present for a person and bring my psychological and emotional skills and knowledge into developing my highly personal and respectful approach in dealing with this population.

I treat the eating disorder as an entity in itself, so that the voice of the part that the individual is struggling against is brought into the relationship without judgement.

As part of my personal approach I create weight gain or loss maps for the person, so that they clearly know what changes they need to make and I create a candid dialogue between myself and the eating disorder in question.