Books About Relationships

In my book: “We’d have a great relationship if it weren’t for you”, couples are provided with a framework to view their relationship that applies to everyone, along with the development of a mutual attitude that is vital in helping them deal with tremendous challenges that a committed intimate relationship calls for.

Unique to this relationship book is an appreciation of seeing the sameness in every relationship, which provides a foundation to address the numerous differences that naturally occurs in a long term relationship. The central premise is that each couple has the same capacity for intimacy.

From this viewpoint, the need to fight and defend becomes much less. This perspective is essential since only equals can be intimate and sustain a committed relationship and only so called unequal’s divorce.

The emphasis on the sameness further supports men and women to have an equal voice in their relationship and to be able to honor their own uniqueness without being fearful. My book encourages both men and women to fulfill their full power, by men learning to stand up for all that they are with no exception and no defending or proving anything and women learning to surrender to their feminine nature with no proving or defending.