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T he great thing about my books is they provide you with a core understanding of relationship based on my 43 years of being a psychotherapist. They teach you how to move through your impasses without spending countless hours in therapy with the wrong therapist. In fact, it’s been said that Dr. Derman’s fable book about the bottomless hole and the struggle with the fear of emptiness is equal.

We’d Have a Great Relationship if it Weren’t for You

By Bruce Derman, phD

How often have you wanted to say: We’d have a great relationship if it weren’t for you with no hedging or justifications? For those who think that is being negative, the problem is not in the statement but in all the exhausting, disguised, and devious gyrations we go through to attempt to prove it rather than just be open about this thought.

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“The Hole”
An Allegory

By Bruce Derman, phD

A fable that dares to go where no fable has gone before…. Into the depths of our emptiness, where we fear that life is meaningless lies the unknown and exposes our fears.

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We Could’ve Had a Great Date if it Weren’t for You

By Bruce Derman, phD

This book goes beyond other books for singles whose main purpose is to find THE ONE. By changing old, narrow perspectives and attitudes toward dating.

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What You Get

Here is what you can expect to get out of my books:

  • Ability to move beyond the endless arguments about differences
  • Discover the core sameness in your partnership
  • Expand the possibilities in your sexual bed
  • Get off of the emotional roller coaster
  • Learn the five movements of life
  • No longer being seiduced by false illusions
  • Move beyond blaming and confusion
  • Learn to really trust yourself
  • Come top terms with the three terrors, emptiness, disappointment, and Powerlessness
  • Learn what real fullness is
  • Remove blocks to mutual acceptance
  • Learn to ask how we are the same rather than how are we different.
  • Help you and your partner discover a deeper level of openness and intimacy
  • In divorcing, prevent the wounds of the past from becoming the scars of the future
  • Change your entire negative attitude about dating
  • Learn to divorce with dignity
  • Discover what relationships are the best match for you at this time
  • Learn the joy of unsatisfactory sex

How Serious are You About Making Real Changes?

Whatever your situation is within your marriage are you really serious about want to change it. I mean serious enough to back it up with making real changes. If you are then I recommend two of my books that will introduce you to whole new way of thinking. But the ideas contained within these pages will challenge the two of you to go down a road that is for a man and not a little boy and a woman and not a little girl. So it is up to you if you are really serious.

  • Do you want to get out from under the cloud of failure and learn how to view your relationship as successful no matter what it is?
  • Do you want to get off the repetitive emotional roller coaster and see how to stabilize your up and down relationship?
  • Does your partner claim you are less than they are? If so then discover the fallacies of this perspective by reading this unique book.
  • Perhaps you feel a reluctance to go to therapy. Well the fable THE HOLE has compared to being a year’s worth of therapy.
  • Tired of meeting bad dates? Well this book will help you to get past this dilemma.
  • Only equals can form an intimate relationship, and this book will show you the way to create this.
  • Is your sexual bed burdened by judgment and rejection leaving you fearful of entering it? If so then read a book that can free you of these fears and expand your bed so that there is room for both of you.
  • Learn how to see that orgasm is 100 % of anything rather than you current limiting definitions.
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by the differences in your relationship, than it is time to learn to create a frame that simplifies this common dilemma.
  • Do you find yourself bouncing from one therapist to the next with no results? Read this book to see if it opens your eyes to why that is occurring.
  • Has it been months or years since you have had sex? Read this book to turn this scenario around and learn that sexual energy is always there.
  • Do you struggle with feeling lonely, bored, and empty? If so read the fable The Hole and end this struggle.

Different Books for Different Stages

A book trilogy that addresses all stages of relationships and exposes the core issues relevant to each stage.

A book title that speaks to the source of all relationship conflicts: We’d have a great Relationship

These books on understanding intimate relationships allow you to go much deeper than the typical, relatively superficial self- help books

The fable on the bottomless hole has been compared to being equal to a year’s worth of therapy within its 92 pages.

The book on couples breaks new ground in showing what acceptance of the unacceptable really means, as illustrated by the chapter on the joy of unsatisfactory sex.

The book on couples dares to state that all partners who are involved have the same capacity for intimacy, regardless of how they posture themselves.

The book on dating dares to state that all relationships are successful if you understand what they are including dating nobody and that there are no bad dates which almost all daters consider unbelievable.

All three books represent a coherent philosophy that makes you think outside the conditioned relationship box.

If you are tired of going around the typical relationship circles with your partner and bouncing from one therapist to the next, then it is time to read We’d have a great so you can break through the endless repetition and discover the core issues that manifest in an intimate relationship.

Almost all dating books focus on achieving the ONE love relationship, and rarely address the fallacy of this quest that many people are not ready for this.. In We could’ve had a great date single people learn an entirely new attitude about dating that can assist them in choosing the relationship that fits where they are in their life not where they fantasize being..

Does your relationship seem like a complicated, blaming mess where it seems like you are going over the same topics ad nauseum with no resolve? If you want to get off of this emotional roller coaster the book to read is We’d have a great relationship, where you will guided in a reader friendly way to clarity and understanding of what you need to do achieve a mutual intimate relationship. You will also learn techniques to help you move through the relationship blocks that you are struggling with.

Being in an intimate relationship asks you go through a series of doors in which each one will expose you to your fears. This book will provide you with the support to face your fears at each doorway so you can experience the full capacity of your relationship. It is written for those couples who are really serious about making changes in themselves and in their relationship.

These books can help you to get into a relationship, provide ways to develop a deeper more intimate relationship, and can assist you in ending a relationship with dignity and respect.

  • Do you believe that your partner doesn’t recognize who you really are?
  • Do you perceive that no matter how much you say or change the way you say it, you still are not heard?.
  • Do you feel that your feelings are insignificant and unimportant in your relationship?
  • Do you find yourself thinking that your relationship can’t last much longer in the face of these experiences?
  • Do you wonder if any of the above will ever change?
  • Do you feel if you experience any more despair you are going to collapse?
  • If you allow yourself to read the book We’d have a great relationship you can find the door to get you through these dilemmas and bring : satisfaction into a life that has mostly known dissatisfaction,
  • Harmony into a life that has been filled with disrespect
  • Peace into a life that has only known conflict

Struggles with Sexual Disinterest

The biggest sexual problem today is sexual disinterest. Couples going for lengthy periods of time, even years with no sex at all leaving you depressed, frustrated, and wanting to have an affair. Perhaps porn has become a reluctant answer or drinking to fill the disappointment. If you resonate to this spiraling dilemma of sexual disinterest, then I have a solution for you. Go through my two books We’d have a great and a fable called The Hole with your partner, and see if this doesn’t allow the two of you to look at this problem in a different way and provide was to move beyond this impasse.