The Hole - By Bruce Derman Ph.D.
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THE HOLE is a fable that dares to go where no fable has gone before….
into the depths of our emptiness and nothingness where we fear that life is meaningless.
It is clearly a place that is largely unknown to many of us and thus exposes
us to our greatest fears, especially during times of great loss. Yet without a willingness to go
through this door, we are destined to live in constant turmoil as we ride on an endless emotional roller coaster.
Dirk and Dawn, to all appearances a perfect couple, certainly never wanted to go there.
However, when confronted with an empty, bottomless hole in their home, they had no choice but to
face all the dilemmas it presented them. You will be amused at all of the solutions that they attempt to
use to fill the hole, many of which you will identify as choices you have made in your own life.
With the help of a wise little man, who understands the nature of empty holes, you will experience their
ongoing struggles in a continuously challenging dialogue with him that will appear at times humorous and transforming.
If you can move through this journey with them and come to totally accept your own emptiness, you will discover a love,
passion, and power that will serve as a guide for the rest of your life.


*No attachment
*No form
*No judging
*No chasing/running
*No proving/defending
*No justification
*No comparing
*No acting out/acting in
*A doorway to everything, all dualities
*The essence of meaninglessness
*Part of the natural journey of life
*A void
*Where everything begins/ends
*Space between the familiar/unfamiliar
*Total acceptance
*An internal experience

An opportunity to discover real fullness, a sense of being, and inner peace.

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