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The Real Diet for Overweight People

Diet from swallowing life and learn to chew things up

Diet from eating other people’s comments and only eat your own thoughts

Diet from building your life around global abstract words like don’t be RUDE and Selfish,

Diet from giving others the vote as to what you do or say

Diet from pissing away or denying your sexuality

Diet from hedging your own power

Diet from personalizing everything

Diet from regarding disappointment, powerlessness, and emptiness as the enemy and seeing them as your best friends

Diet from proving, defending and guarding

Diet from being secretive

Diet from distrusting yourself

Diet from living with one foot in and one foot out and be willing to put two feet in or out

Diet from being ashamed of being ashamed

Diet from being afraid of being afraid and learning to be willing to be afraid

Diet from being inauthentic and incongruent

Diet from not loving yourself

Diet from futurizing or living in the past

Diet from rejecting your sadness, which is the doorway to the depth of your life.

Diet from immediate gratification

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