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I recently had the honor of talking about the various aspects of dating

I’ve read a LOT of books…and I thought I knew almost everything I needed to know…and once in a while a new book comes along and really puts things into perspective, gives a new viewpoint on how to look at the whole dating landscape…so this is going to come to a great help to everybody…I’ve had a lot of cliinical psychologists and psychiatrists on this show but Dr Bruce Derman really knows what this is about.

Lucia (Host), The Art of Love, LA Talk Radio

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About Dr. Bruce Derman, The Relationship Doctor

Watch Bruce, The Relationship Doctor, discuss his approach.

I have 42 years experience in helping people get into relationships that fit them, assist them in sustaining relationships, help them through impasses and conflict, guide them in resolving sex and power issues, and if necessary learn to deal with divorce and custody issues with dignity and respect.



We'd Have a Great Relationship if it Weren't For You

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We’d Have a Great Relationship if it Weren’t for You

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Where Other Relationship Books Fall Short

Self help relationship books can often be superficial and offer you some simplistic formula to change your life. The books of Dr. Derman provide you with a trilogy that form a much deeper philosophical and psychological understanding of relationships and give you innovative ways to look at your most difficult relationship struggles.  They takes the depth of the classic book The Power of Now into all stages of relationships.

What Makes THESE Books Different

These books don’t just lead you toward a goal but invite you to learn a whole new way of expanding your thinking that you can carry into all the relationships in your life. If the following statements open your thinking in ways that you have never considered, than these books are for you:

  • All relationships are successful.
  • All partners have the same capacity for intimacy, regardless of how they posture themselves.
  • Relationships are a series of doors with a new challenge at each one.
  • There are no bad dates.
  • There are no difficult people once you master the five movements.
  • There is nothing to prove or defend if you can learn to accept the unacceptable.
  • All experiences in a relationship are sexual.
  • Orgasm is 100 % of anything.
  • Emptiness, disappointment and powerlessness are your best friends.
  • Loving disinterest is the main attitude in divorcing with dignity.
  • A person’s emptiness can never be filled by anything external.
  • All conflicts are based in the difference game of proving that you are better or less than someone.

The great thing about my books is they provide you with a core understanding of relationship based on my 43 years of being a psychotherapist. They teach you how to move through your impasses without spending countless hours in therapy with the wrong therapist.  In fact, it’s been said that Dr. Derman’s fable book about the bottomless hole and the struggle with the fear of emptiness is equal.

What you Get:

Here is what you can expect to get

  • Ability to move beyond the endless arguments about differences
  • Discover the core sameness in your partnership
  • Expand the possibilities in your sexual bed
  • Get off of the emotional roller coaster
  • Learn the five movements of life
  • No longer being seiduced by false illusions
  • Move beyond blaming and confusion
  • Learn to really trust yourself
  • Come top terms with the three terrors, emptiness, disappointment, and Powerlessness
  • Learn what real fullness is
  • Remove blocks to mutual acceptance
  • Learn to ask how we are the same rather than how are we different.
  • Help you and your partner discover a deeper level of openness and intimacy
  • In divorcing, prevent the wounds of the past from becoming the scars of the future
  • Change your entire negative attitude about dating
  • Learn to divorce with dignity
  • Discover what relationships are the best match for you at this time
  • Learn the joy of unsatisfactory sex

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More About Dr. Bruce Derman

Core Philosophy

My philosophy is based on the view that thinking which creates the illusion of separation is at the core of all of our problems and that learning to join is the answer to one’s healing. This is accomplished by learning to accept the unacceptable, whether it is powerlessness, disappointment, emptiness, or fear. If one can join with all aspects of their humanity without judgment, and see the positive intention of each part of themselves that they are objecting to, then the path is open to all of their goals.

Core Audience

I want to work with people who are having difficulty with either getting into a relationship, dealing with difficulties that emerge in the course of a relationship or marriage, including all sexual dilemmas, as well as those who have decided to end their marriage through divorce. I only want to assist people who are serious, open, and committed to going through the process and facing any of the obstacles inherent in the stages listed. This in-depth approach is not for people who are looking for band aids or easy fixes, or for those who are not willing to truly look in the mirror at themselves.

What I Offer

My clients learn to get off the emotional roller coaster and become more accepting of themselves. As a result they are able to walk through life rather than run from their fears, enabling them to have more energy available to achieve their life goals and dreams. Also, they learn to be in intimate relationships as an equal, free and expressive partner, no longer caught up in negative beliefs, old stories, and avoidance of their true self. My single clients learn to date with a whole different attitude based on respect, trust, and honesty. They learn to appreciate whatever dating plan reflects their current life stance, and what is needed to change that plan. My married clients learn to create a relationship built around a WE rather than competitive “I’s” in which real agreements of participation and intimacy are formed on every level. My divorcing clients learn to end their relationships with dignity so that the family continues in a different form and is not destroyed causing greater damage to the children. As part of this process they learn to sort out the tasks of divorce from various emotional agendas so that they can achieve a real divorce as distinguished from one in name only.

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