Divorce Scenarios


• Are you contemplating going through a divorce?
• Are you not sure if you are ready for the extremely
• Are you fearful of the economic, emotional, and psychological damage to your family as a result of a hostile divorce?
• Are you searching for a way to divorce that will assist you with this process, while also desiring to respect the needs and interests of everyone involved?

If your answers are YES to these questions, then Divorce Medication: California can provide you with assistance in resolving the issues that result from going through the divorce passage.

For further clarification click here and see if you relate and identify with the following divorce scenarios

A father cries out:
“I want so much to have equal time with my children, but I am blocked at every turn. It is so discouraging to feel that I have no rights, and my voice is not heard at all.”

A wife feels bulldozed:
“I didn’t want this divorce, but I have no choice since he left. I feel overwhelmed and powerless as he threatens to dominate me with his knowledge just like he did in the marriage.”

A parent’s concern:
“I am really worried that my children are going to get lost in the legal shuffle and that they are going to suffer the most. After all, they never wanted to lose their family in the first place.”

A father laments:
“She wants to control everything. Every time I make a request she threatens me with her lawyer or that she is going to demand more money from me.”

A mother’s burden:
“I can’t count on him to be responsible at all. Everything rests on me. I have no answer for his passivity and dragging. He creates debt, and I’m stuck with it.”

I’m intimidated:
“Every where I turn, there is another emotional outburst and a flood of accusations. You would think I was the worst partner anyone could have ever married. I feel like the police live at my house.”

O.K. I’m guilty:
“Yes, I had an affair but does that mean I deserve to be punished forever and lose my children?”

One divided into two:
“I’m torn. We need to divorce, but I can’t create money that isn’t there. We only have so much to spend and now we are blowing it on lawyers.”